What is Password Cracking?

password cracking

Before we go into a deep discussion and explain the term password cracking, the importance of password should be discussed. It is basically some 8-10 characters long line that is used by a person for protecting any type of account. To make your account safe and secure, you should make your password strong.

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How Do Hackers Get Your Passwords?

Hacking is not more a secret now and we all are aware of it. We know almost everything about it, but we do not try to know how the hackers hack a particular account or how do they manage to get the password of our accounts. There are a lot of ways in which a hacker could get the password of a particular person and some of them are explained below.

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What are Cookies?

When we open any website, we generally get a message related to cookies. The message says that the website produces cookies and that you will have to accept them, in order to use the website.

Well, we all know about this word through the world of the internet, but are not aware of the exact meaning of it in the technical terms. They are basically small files that are stored on any computer. Continue Reading

What Makes A Good Password?

When we create an account, the first thing that should come in our mind is the measures to be taken, in order to secure the account. For that, a good password is needed, but often people fail in this. Not all of us are aware of the ways in which we could make good passwords. However, there are a lot of ways in which one could actually create a strong password and could avoid hackers. Here are the points related to it.

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Why HTTPS is Better Than HTTP?

Have you ever noticed the link address of any website? Well, if you have, then you must be aware of the terms HTTP and HTTPS. The two words differentiate the two types of website and it is said that HTTPS is better than HTTP. Continue Reading

What is A Password Generator?

password generator

A password generator is a software program, which could be used to generate a password for various accounts. The password generation process could be done manually and the source of password generation could be of the user’s choice. The user could use a computer or any other thing, for the password generation.

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Should You Write Down Passwords?

write down passwords

When the question comes about the writing of a password, the answer could not be anything, but no. we have tried to answer this question on the basis of two situations, in the section below.

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How to Enforce Your Passwords

enforce passwords
Looking for a way to enforce your passwords? Wondering how to keep your passwords secure? Enforcing a password for any account is not easy, but if you follow certain points, then it could be done very easily. Continue Reading

How to Encrypt Mail with ProtonMail?

encrypt mail with protonMail
The first thing that comes in our mind, when somebody tells about ProtonMail is that it is an email service. The unique thing about this email service is that it is an end-to-end encryption email service. Continue Reading

How Secure are Password Managers?

how secure password managers
The security of any password manager depends on the features that it has and also on the way the user uses it. We could not say that the password managers are 100% safe, but if you follow a few of the things, it could work in a better way. Here is the list of those few points, you need to take care. Continue Reading