How Secure are Password Managers?

how secure password managers
The security of any password manager depends on the features that it has and also on the way the user uses it. We could not say that the password managers are 100% safe, but if you follow a few of the things, it could work in a better way. Here is the list of those few points, you need to take care.

Choosing a password manager without the master password

Almost all the password managers come with a master password and with that, anyone could get access to the account for which the password manager is used. So, if you are choosing your password manager that does not have a master password recovery in it, then your account is secured.

Password manager comes with two-factor authentication

First, you need to understand what two-factor authentication means. It is actually that extra layer of protection that your password manager provides you. Again, not every password manager is authenticated with two-factor, but if you want the security of your account, you will have to find one for you.

Turning off autofill

If you have ever used a password manager, then you must be aware of the term autofill. It is very dangerous when it comes to the safety of your account. So, use a password manager, but turns off the auto fill. This will enhance your account security.

Updating the password manager

We complain a lot about the drawbacks of any particular product or application that we are using, but we never look at ourselves and see what we need to do. If you have chosen a particular password manager and have not updated it from quite a long time now, it won’t work the same. This is a responsibility on the user’s end and it should be followed strictly.

These are all the points that are a must to do if you want to have a safe and secure password manager. Every password manager comes with certain qualities and if you use it properly, you could save your accounts.

Published on May 20, 2019 BPM_editor