Should You Write Down Passwords?

write down passwords

When the question comes about the writing of a password, the answer could not be anything, but no. we have tried to answer this question on the basis of two situations, in the section below.

When you go to the office daily

The scenario of every IT office is different, but what remains the same is the employee’s way of securing the passwords. Be it an office, the consequences are not different, if you are writing your password on a paper. So, here are the reasons for which you should write your password on paper if you work from the office.

  • First thing first, there are not many companies that allow their employees to share or even write the password of their accounts on paper. So, in the first place only, it is against your company’s law.
  • Suppose, you have written down a password on any paper and one of your fellow employees finds it. There are chances that he or she takes advantage of it and something bad, behind your back. You could get fired because of it.
  • What if you write the password on some paper and you lost that paper? The account for which you had that password would be ruined forever.

When you work from home

  • Writing a password on the piece of paper is not secured, even if you are working from home. Here are the consequences that you might face if you do so.The first thing is the same as that of the people going to the office. The paper on which you have written down your password might be lost somewhere.
  • If you are having other people in your house and if they have access to your computer, then also it is not safe.

In a nutshell, we could say that writing the password on paper is not safe at all. Be it any situation, it will always cause harm to you. Try to follow other methods, instead of writing your password on paper.

Published on June 10, 2019 BPM_editor