What are Cookies?

When we open any website, we generally get a message related to cookies. The message says that the website produces cookies and that you will have to accept them, in order to use the website.

Well, we all know about this word through the world of the internet, but are not aware of the exact meaning of it in the technical terms. They are basically small files that are stored on any computer. The main purpose of designing them is to make them hold a particular amount of data that could be accessed through the web or through the PC of the particular user. The word or the term is not new to anyone, but we do not have the information that we should have. We have tried to discuss and explain some points about it, in the section below.


We should definitely know what is there inside a cookie. The cookies generally contain a pair of values and these values could be anything depending upon the type of operation. Once your computer has read the cookie that is there, the operation required could be done very easily.

Why are they created?

Generally, the cookies are made when some webpage is being and is uploaded. There are a lot of reasons for which the cookies are created and the most important one is that it is a convenient way to carry information and to store it. In the case of a large amount of information, cookies are used as identification means. Also, depending upon the operation that needs to be done with the help of it, the expiry date of it could be set up.

So, this is all that one should know about cookies and their uses. All the basic, yet important points are covered in the sections above.

Published on July 8, 2019 BPM_editor