What is Password Cracking?

password cracking

Before we go into a deep discussion and explain the term password cracking, the importance of password should be discussed. It is basically some 8-10 characters long line that is used by a person for protecting any type of account. To make your account safe and secure, you should make your password strong.

Moving on to the main topic, password cracking could be simply placed in the category of cybercrime. Now, in this type of crime, the criminals try to hack the password of your particular account. There is a lot of processes through which this could be done and you can know about them from the section below.

Ways of password cracking

As we mentioned earlier also, there a lot of ways in which password cracking could be done and we have names for them all. These include dictionary attack, brute force attack, rainbow table attack, phishing, malware, etc. All the ways are different at some points, but what is common between them, is the intention. Also, the main idea behind all of these methods is to guess the exact password. In some cases, they use the numbers, while in others they try to mix and match the numerals.

How to avoid it

Well, the internet is not that insecure. One could take measures, in order to avoid the password cracking. For this, the easiest thing that one could do is to create a password that is strong in nature. Also, one should avoid saving their passwords at different browser. It is advisory not to tell anyone about the password and not even write it anywhere.

So, this was all that you should know about password cracking. The cybercrime of this type is increasing day by day and we need to be aware of it.

Published on July 22, 2019 BPM_editor