What Makes A Good Password?

When we create an account, the first thing that should come in our mind is the measures to be taken, in order to secure the account. For that, a good password is needed, but often people fail in this. Not all of us are aware of the ways in which we could make good passwords. However, there are a lot of ways in which one could actually create a strong password and could avoid hackers. Here are the points related to it.

Difficult to guess

Your prime concern while creating any password should be that it should be made in such a way that it could not be guessed easily. The passwords which are common or made with some random numbers are very easy to guess. So, avoid creating such passwords.

Long and unique password

The length of the password matters a lot when it comes to safe and secured one. Now, this is the best way to make your password stronger and your account difficult to access. Be it any type of account, you should have a long password. The word unique here means that it should not be some random numbers and should not match with other passwords.

Different passwords for different accounts

This again is a common practice now a day. For their convenience, people create just one password and use it for all the accounts. This is the biggest blunder that one could ever do. This is again the process of giving the hackers a chance to attack your account and to steal all the information.

So, these are all the ways in which you could make your password stronger. It’s not that if you follow just one point, then the strong password will be created. In order to create a good one, follow each and every step mentioned here.

Published on July 1, 2019 BPM_editor